Top 10 Unbelievable Stories Of Longest Plane Rides

Top 10 Unbelievable Stories Of Longest Plane Rides

Hello! you most beautiful and most amazing top tennis. how are you doing today? I’m Masud Rana and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 episode. Today, i am talking the top ten unbelievable stories of longest plane rides, so I’ve taken some pretty long plane journeys in the past two places like Canada, England, America, Australia, Africa and Thailand.

The longest drive ever taken has probably been around 11 hours in duration. However, compared to some of the plane rides on this list. I had it easy get ready for this exhilarating journey as we look at the top ten longest plane rides ever ultra long haul.

Below is List of Top 10 Longest Plane Rides and their stories :

10. Newark to Hong Kong – 16 Hours

Newark to Hong Kong - Longest Plane Rides

We have Newark to Hong Kong taking 16 hours. So, let’s start this list off with a little bit of history right. Here, the first-ever flight to hit or exceed 16 hours with the new Hong Kong route. Which began in 2001 after the fall of the Soviet Union. Eventually met the airspace over Russia was allowed to be used the first flight was operated by continental airlines and spanned a distance of 7330 miles. Which is eleven thousand eight hundred kilometers united airlines soon followed suit with a flight from New York to Hong Kong. Which had just over a mile and a half to the distance assume that x is still running today. So, we need to take into account as well with all of these plane journeys is that. They’re crossing many time zones New Jersey and Hong Kong for example have a 12 hour time difference so when flying this way. You will lose pretty much a whole day.

9. Abu Dhabi To San Francisco – 16 Hours 15 Mints

Abu Dhabi To San Francisco - Longest Plane Rides

We have a bead Abby to san francisco at 16 hours and fifteen minute. Etihad flight ey 183 flight 8158 miles. So, 13,000 144 kilometers – between abu dhabi and san francisco. Which is crazy the Boeing 777 300gr made its first flight on the eighteenth of november 2014. Now runs a regular service between the two cities which have an 11 hour time difference.

8. Dubai To Houston – 16 Hours 15 Mints

Dubai To Houston - Longest Plane Rides

We have divided Houston at 16 hours and 20 minutes. Houston we have a long flight situation flight EK 211 is operated by emirates. Airline on both an airbus a380 the largest airline in the world. A Boeing 777 300gr the flight takes around 16 hours and 20 minutes with the time difference of nine hours between the cities.

7. Dubai To Los Angeles – 16 Hours 35 Mints

Dubai To Los Angeles - Longest Plane Rides

We have to buy to Los Angeles at 16 hours and 35 minutes emirates flight EK 215. EK to 117 uses an a380 to 800 airburst with a flight time of 16 hours and 35 minutes the journey covers 8330 nine miles so 13,500. Two kilometers this city’s have an 11 hour time difference. The inaugural flight took place on the 26 of October two thousand eight.

6. Johannesburg To Atlanta – 16 Hours 40 Mints

 Longest Plane Rides

We have Johannesburg to Atlanta at 16 hours and 40 minutes. Delta flight d11 201 operates on a boeing 777 to 200 L are flying from Johannesburg in South Africa to atlanta in georgia. USA the flight time is 16 hours and 40 minutes and covers a crazy 8439 miles so that’s 13,000 580 kilometers. The inaugural flight took place on jun 30 thousand nine. The cities have a considerably reasonable time difference of just six hours next up two cities with a crazy time difference.

5. Dallas To Sydney – 16 Hours 55 Mints

Longest Plane Rides

We have Dallas to Sydney taking 16 hours and 55 minutes American airlines. Gantas flight the epic 8570 eight mile journey from Dallas United States to Sydney Australia on an airbus a380 to 800 that’s fourteen thousand two hundred. Three miles the flight time is an insane almost 17 hours as I was launched in September 2014. The time difference between the two cities is 15 hours. Meaning not only would you lose almost 17 hours and flight. You would also lose the additional 15 hours landing a day. A half after you took off that said if you flew back to be going back in time and making up a lot of your time crazy.

4. Auckland To Dubai – 17 Hours and 15 Minutes

Auckland To Dubai - Longest Plane Rides

We have Auckland you by taking 17 hours and 15 minutes this covers a whopping 8824 miles. That’s 14,200 kilometers the Auckland to do by root is currently the longest plane right in distance flow. The Emirates airbus a380 made the first flight from Auckland to do by making the epic journey across the Indian Ocean. Their aircraft is the ultimate lap of luxury holding spa showers sweets, a lounge for business and first-class passengers the usual flight is operated by a boeing 777-200 lr. It’s scheduled at 17 hours and 15 minutes the maiden voyage in the a380 took just 16 hours and 25 minutes because of high out two wins.

3. Panama City To Dubai – 17 Hours 35 Mints

Panama City To Dubai - Longest Plane Rides

We have to buy to Panama City coming in at 17 hours and 35 minutes launching in 2017. Emirates is planning a flight from the united Arab emirates to the Central American city of Panama. The flight will cover a distance of 8,500 88 miles that’s 13,500 20 kilometers. So, it will be short-term distance in the previous light but is estimated to take a longer duration in the air.

2. Newark To Singapore – 18 Hours

Newark To Singapore - Longest Plane Rides

We have Wew York to Singapore at 18 + hours. Singapore airlines flight 21 and return flight SQ 22 with the two longest flight ever. Regularly scheduled between 2004 and 2013. This flight would take 18 hours from Newark to Singapore over a distance of 8285 miles. The return flight took over 30 minutes less even though the distances around 700 miles longer at 9,000 miles. The mammoth flight had 14 cabin crew six flight deck officers. Who worked in four-hour shift and could carry around 400 passengers. The flight needed 222 hours and liters of fuel 10 times the estimated weight of passengers despite being cancelled in 2013. The various risks associated with such a long flight. The service is set to be resuming in 2018 once again making it the longest flight in the world. So, where can we go from the longest scheduled flight in the modern-day well.

1. Western Australia To Ceylon – 27 Hours

Western Australia To Ceylon - Longest Plane Rides

We have the world’s longest historic commercial flight. Western Australia to salon at 27 hours dubbed the double sunrise from 1943 to 1945. Qantas blue a weekly service between Western Australia. What was then salon natural anger the flight was just over 3,000 miles. So, 5650 kilometers back then with lower powered airplane. The flight took an insane 27 hours on board a consolidated pby catalina can you actually imagine 27 hours on a plane. I would mentor like I can’t sleep on planes because I’m always worried. I’m gonna die at the same time. I do think i could sit and watch movies for 27 hours.

We should do a top 10 ways to pass time on a plane. If you guys have been a really long pain journey then do let me know all about it in the comments section down. Amazing top list i will see you next time.

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