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Top 10 Most Popular Black Sand Beaches in the World with HD Pictures

Have you ever visit Black Sand Beaches? We picked a list of Top 10 Most Popular Black Sand Beaches in the World and describe these Black Sand Beaches what can you do. Be carefully, when going into the water, because there can be strong currents at times in the water!

Are you thinking about going on vacation or going to getaway trip? You probably pick somewhere warm with inviting weather, people and beaches. There are white sand beaches in different parts of the world as well as black sand beaches. These beaches are muddy and beautiful and can be enjoy such as swimming, driving, walking, surfing, whales watching, horse riding sunset, waterfall, picnic and many more.

Black sand is sand that is black in color. Sand is generally formed out of whatever the waves happen to be banging against the shore, be they rocks, shells, corals, or glass.

Below of list of Top 10 Most Popular Black Sand Beaches in the World with HD Pictures and Google Maps:

10. Black Sands Beach ( California, United States )

Full Address : Black Sands Beach, California 94941, USA

Best time to visit : Winter

Things to do at Black Sands Beach: Whale Watching, Beach Walking, Surfing, Sunbathing, Diving.

Black Sands Beach is over 20 miles long. It takes backpackers north on this beach to numerous wilderness camp spots and remote places. You can walk either direction on the beach. The Black Sand Beach parking lot just turn onto Beach Road from Shelter Cove Road. Getting to Shelter Cove requires an hour-long drive on twisty backroads from Highway 101 in the town of Garberville, CA.

Black Sands Beach -

9. Cahuita Beach ( Limon, Costa Rica )

Full Address : Cahuita National Park, Limon, Costa Rica

Best time to visit : Dry & Spring

Things to do at Cahuita Beach: Horseback Ride, Snorkeling, Dolphin Watching.

Cahuita Beach is white sands of Playa Blanca. The city is specifically known for its beaches, dessert crepes (often including local bananas, strawberries, and chocolate), and variations of grilled chicken. You can walk the hard-packed sandy trails of Cahuita National Park, enjoy a swim in the waves of Playa Blanca or a horseback ride in the surf along Playa Grande.

Cahuita Beach -

8. Lovina Beach ( Bali, Indonesia )

Full Address : Lovina Beach, Anturan, Buleleng Sub-District, Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Best time to visit : January

Things to do at Lovina Beach: Diving, Snorkeling, Early-morning boat trips. See Dolphins.

Lovina Beach is a coastal area on the northwestern side of the island of Bali, Indonesia. The coastal strip stretches from 5 km west of the city of Singaraja to 15 km west. This beach most popular for see dolphins and generally cost to about $5 – $20 USD. This is an area in which to relax and take in a very slow, traditional pace of life. Lovina is ideal for family groups with young children or older adventurers who want to kick back and quickly become part of the community.

Lovina Beach -

7. Perissa Beach ( Santorini, Greece )

Full Address : Perissa Black Sand Beach, Perissa 847 03, Greece

Best time to visit : June to September

Things to do at Perissa Beach: Mark’s Bike, Waterpark, Mediterranean Dive Club.

Perissa is a seaside village on the south east coast of Santorini with several kilometers of black sand beach. This Beach is a great place to swim, many places to rent beach chairs, and lots of places to eat and place to hang out and relax. The beaches are on the east and southeast side of the island.

Perissa Beach -

6. Piha Beach ( Auckland, New Zealand )

Full Address : Piha Beach, Auckland 0772, New Zealand

Best time to visit : December to March

Things to do at Piha Beach: Sunset, Ride Surf’s, Waterfall.

Piha Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Auckland’s wild west coast. It’s vast stretch of dramatic, black sand always feels wonderfully isolated and uncrowded. Feel the silky-soft black sand beneath your toes as you take an evening stroll. On a clear day it’s worth staying to watch the sun go down in a blaze of pink and orange.

Piha Beach

5. Point Venus ( Tahiti, French Polynesia )

Full Address : Point Venus Lighthouse, Mahina, French Polynesia

Best time to visit : Summer

Things to do at Point Venus: Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing, Surfing, Deep-Sea Fishing.

Point Venus is peninsula on the north coast of Tahiti, the largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia. It is in the commune of Mahina, approximately 8 km east of the capital Pape’ete. Tahiti is the perfect paradise everyone is dreaming of. A lot of couples often choose the islands to spend a romantic honeymoon or holiday vacation. Explore endless possibilities from the moment you land your feet on the blistering white sand.

Point Venus -

4. Santo Domingo Beach ( Albay, Philippines )

Full Address : Albay, Santo Domingo, Luzon 4500, Philippines

Best time to visit : November and March

Things to do at Santo Domingo Beach: Hiking, Sport fishing, Photography.

Santo Domingo is an exclusive beach, located in the south shore of the Maipo River outlet.It has beautiful gardens, streets and summer houses, a quiet neighborhood you can walk by on your vacation. You will be able to choose from an exhilarating ATV tour, ride some Jetskis on the calms waters of Boca Chica Beach or get on a Private Luxury Motor Yacht for the to have FUN and Party while cruising Boca Chica Bay.

Santo Domingo Beach -

3. Stokksnes Beach ( Stokksnes, Iceland )

Full Address : East Iceland, Iceland, Nordic countries, Europe

Best time to visit : Winter

Things to do at Stokksnes Beach: Photography, Light House.

Stokksnes Beach is most popular place for photography. Stokksnes is a headland on the southeastern Icelandic coast, near Hofn and Hornafjördur. There is a light house on the tip of the land. It is a dramatic spot where vertiginous cliffs meet a flat black sand beach. It is 454m high and sometimes called Batman Mountain. you will see that some are incredible with reflections and partial snow.

Stokksnes Beach -

2. Langkawi ( Kedah, Malaysia )

Full Address : Langkawi, 07000, Kedah, Malaysia

Best time to visit : Rain Season

Things to do at Langkawi Beach: Langkawi Cable Car,  Sky Bridge, Boat Tours.

About 500 years ago there was a stunningly beautiful girl on an island. This true story, although there may be some added imaginary details, pretty much sums up the past history in Langkawi. When you’ll pass small villages with wooden houses framed by palm trees, and children pedaling their old bicycles on errands. Aside from experiencing the local lifestyle, there is no shortage of things to do in Langkawi. Head up the thrilling new cable car to the summit of Mount Mat Cincang – Langkawi’s second highest mountain – for an unrivaled view of the entire main island and beyond.

 Langkawi -

1. Punalu’u Beach ( Hawaii, USA )

Full Address : Highway 11, Island of Hawaii, HI 96777

Best time to visit : Any Time

Things to do at Punalu’u Beach: Swimming, Snorkeling, Coastal Hikes or Picnic.

Punalu’u beach is the most famous black sand beach of Hawaii, and is given the nickname ‘Black Sand Beach’. The swimming area is very rocky, and it can be dangerous to swim. Coconut palms fringe the upper edge of sand and you may also discover large honu, or Hawaiian Green Sea turtles, basking on the beach. Although it may be tempting, do not touch these protected turtles and do not remove any black sand from the beach. There is a picnic area and restroom facilities so you can have lunch while you experience the unique feeling of black sand between your toes.

Punalu'u Beach -

These black sand beaches are beautiful and unique. This world is full of some beautiful black beaches. Many black sand beaches are not ideal for sunbathing or other traditional beach activities but they do offer travelers a different type of escape -one characterized by dramatic, otherworldly views and a landscape of richly contrasting colors.

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