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Top 10 List of Largest Palace in the World

Do you know, which are the largest palace in the world? A Royal Largest Palace complex is the symbol luxury, power and beautiful architecture. Every largest palace has their own history of the luxury and power.

In generally palace is a residence for the highest honorable persons. Now, a palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence, or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, such as a bishop or archbishop. It has been not said straightforward about largest palaces in the world. Different people define about palaces differently. Every palace different form each other for their size, height, and beautification.

So, here listed below are ten largest palace with their size, space, capacity & beautification in the world:

10. Royal Palace of Madrid – 1,450,000 sq. ft. (Spain)

In Spain of Madrid city or town Royal Palace of Madrid also known in Spanish “Palacio Real de Madrid” is the largest palace in Europe by floor area. Its construction started in April 7, 1735 and architect “Filippo Juvarra” was first. The palace has 135,000 square meters (1,450,000 square ft.) of floor space and contains 3,418 rooms. It is still functioning as such, it being the Spanish royal family’s official residence. A castle was constructed in Madrid during the C16 when Philip II moved his court there. This burned down in 1734 and a new palace was built by King Philip V.

 Royal Palace of Madrid - Largest Palace


9. Malbork Castle – 1,539,239 sq. ft. (Poland)

The castle is also called in Polish Zamek w Malborku & German Ordensburg Marienburg. It’s made from bricks which is located in Poland and the largest castle in the world. The castle was founded in 1274 by the Teutonic Knights who used it as their headquarters to help defeat Polish enemies and rule their own northern Baltic territories. The castle was expanded several time to host the growing number of Knights until their retreat to Königsburg in 1466. In the 1930s the castle was used by the Nazis for Hitler Youth pilgrimages. The palace has 143,000 square meters (1,539,239 ft.) space with beautiful decoration.

Malbork Castle - Largest Palace


8. Forbidden City – 1,614,587 sq. ft. (China)

The Forbidden City is located in the center of Beijing. It was established in 1922. The Forbidden City was declared a world heritage site in 1987, and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world, which is architected by Kuai Xiang. It was constructed from 1406 to1420, and the complex consists of 980 buildings and enclosed area of 72,000 square meters (over 180 acres) with 150,000 square meters (1,614,587 square ft.) floor. It is the world’s largest palace complex.

Forbidden City - Largest Palace

7. Apostolic Palace – 1,743,753 sq. ft. (Vatican City)

The Apostolic Palace is the pope, which is located in Vatican City. It is also known as Papal Palace, Palace of the Vatican and Vatican Palace. Covering 162,000 square meter (1,743,753 square ft.), it contains the Papal Apartments, offices of the Roman Catholic Church and Holy See, chapels, Vatican Library, museums and art galleries. The major additions and decorations of the palace are the work of the following popes for 150 years.

Apostolic Palace - Largest Palace

6. Istana Nurul Iman – 200,000sq. ft. (Brunei)

The Istana Nurul Iman (The Light of Faith Palace) is the official residence of the sultan of Brunei and the seat of Brunei Government. It is located on a leafy, riverside sprawl of hills on the banks of the Brunei River. In 1984 the completed palace became the largest residential palace ever built.

The palace contains 1,788 rooms, which includes 257 bathrooms, a banquet hall that can be expanded to accommodate up to 5,000 guests, a mosque accommodating 1,500 people. The palace also includes a 110-car garage, an air conditioned stable for the Sultan’s 200 polo ponies, and 5 swimming pools. In total, Istana Nurul Iman contains 2,152,782 square feet (200,000 square meter) of floor space. Those all are not end, because of its massive size, Istana Nurul Iman makes use of 564 chandeliers, 51,000 light bulbs, 44 stairwells, and 18 elevators.

Istana Nurul Iman - Largest Palace

5. Rashtrapati Bhavan – 2,152,782 sq. ft. (India)

The official presidential palace of the Republic of India. It is formerly known as Viceroy’s House. It’s located at the Western end of Raj path in New Delhi, India. It covers 200,000 square meters (2,152,782 square ft.) and contains 340 rooms in the main building that has the president’s official residence, halls, guest rooms and offices. In 1910 the decision to move the capital from Kolkata to Delhi was made and 4,000 acres of land were acquired for the palace. The architect, Lutyens, was unable to build it exactly as he envisaged. In 1950 the palace was renamed Rashtrapati Bhavan (the president’s home).

Rashtrapati Bhavan - Largest Palace

4. AK Saray – 2,152,997 sq. ft. (Turkey)

The official presidential palace of the Republic of Turkey since 2014. Originally built to house the PM’s office, President Erdogan, in 2014, decreed the building the president’s new seat. The complex is located in Beştepe neighborhood of Ankara, inside Atatürk Forest Farm. It contains 1,150 rooms with 200,020 square meters (2,152,997 sq. ft.) floor space.

AK Saray - Largest Palace

3. Louvre Palace – 2,260,421 sq. ft. (France)

The Royal residence of the kings of France for 300 years. In the modern day Louvre Museum exhibitions as an art gallery and occupy 60,600 square meters (652,293 sq. ft.). The entire palace complex occupies 40 hectares (4,305,564 sq. ft.) (400 000 square meters) with 210,000 square meters (2,260,421 sq. ft.). It is the greatest palace in the world.

Louvre Palace - Largest Palace

2. Hofburg Palace – 2,583,339 sq. ft. (Austria)

The Hofburg is the former imperial palace in the center of Vienna, Austria. Part of the palace forms the official residence and workplace of the President of Austria. Built in the 13th century and expanded in the centuries since, the palace has housed some of the most powerful people in European and Austrian history, including monarchs of the Habsburg dynasty, rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was the principal imperial winter residence. The palace has 2600 rooms with 240,000 square meters (2,583,339 sq. ft.) space.

Hofburg Palace - Largest Palace

1. Palace of the Parliament – 3,930,000 sq. ft. (Romania)

The Palace of the Parliament is the second largest administrative building in the world. This palace is the seat of the Parliament of Romania and located in the central part of Bucharest in sector-5. Palace of the Parliament has completed in 1997 and cost is 3 billion Euro. With a height of 84 m, an area of 365,000 square meter (3,930,000 sq. ft.) and having a volume of 2,550,000 square meter, it is the fourth biggest building in the world. Under the direction of chief architect Anca Petrescu 700 architect worked here. It contains 1,100 rooms with the biggest space. The Palace of the Parliament is the world’s heaviest and most expensive administrative building also.

Palace of the Parliament - Largest Palace

Palace is the symbol luxury, power and beautiful architecture. In each country, you will find beautiful largest palaces once occupied by the royal families of the state. Each largest Palace has their own history of the luxury and power. Most of the palaces were built before the 20th century around the world.

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