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Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Hangout With Their Fans

It’s not uncommon to hear more about Hollywood Celebrities Hangout that are a little less accepting of fan interaction, so we wanted to turn the tables a little bit and honor those that treat their fans like gold. Whether always available for a photo-op or willing to drop everything to visit a sick fan, these 10 Hollywood celebrities  hangout are known for being more than friendly to their beloved fans.

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Below list of Top 10 List Of Hollywood Celebrities Hangout With Their Fans !!!

10. Jay Leno – Actor (New York, United States)

Say what you will about Jay Leno as a talk show host outside of the studio. The man is the kind of celebrity you would want to run into. During a 2014 60 Minutes segment about Leno’s return to his hometown of Andover. Massachusetts, producer Ruth Street pointed out that the comedian loves to set aside some time for his fans. Street, who had accompanied Leno to Andover, explains that “he goes out of his way to connect [with his fans]” and thrives on interaction with those that support him. On many occasions, Leno has stopped what he was doing to saddle up to fans for photos and autographs.

Jay Leno - Celebrities Hangout

9. Rihanna – Singer (Saint Michael Parish, Barbados)

The musician is more than just a stunning voice. She’s friendly to boot! The Rihanna Navy, as her diehard fans came to be known after her appearance in the 2012 bomb. Battleship are one of the singer’s highest priorities. For her music video for “Goodnight Gotham,” Rihanna organized a massive fan meet-up and foregoes her own dignity to partake in some incredibly awkward, and incredibly fun, fan photo-ops. While she’s known for her tough love, like when she “banned” Pokemon GO and texting during her concert, Rihanna devotes her music to her supporters. Even inviting them backstage if their outfit catches her eye.

Rihanna - Celebrities Hangout

8. George Clooney – Actor / Filmmaker (Kentucky, United States)

The From Dusk Till Dawn and Ocean’s Eleven’s pretty-man may not seem like the type that would need to be so kind to his fans. But that doesn’t stop him from doing so. For two of his movie’s premieres. The Monuments Men and Tomorrowland, Clooney offered fans the opportunity to join him. All they had to do was be picked from a drawing; and to enter the drawing. All it took was a $10 donation to South Sudan relief. On a return trip to his home state of Kentucky, Clooney sang “Happy Birthday” to a random woman and played basketball with students at Augusta High School. But the star’s fan interactions go far beyond that as he is often thrilled to give his fan-base autographs and impromptu photo-ops.

George Clooney - Celebrities Hangout

7. Hugh Jackman – Actor (Sydney, Australia)

Wolverine is known for his temper and less giving nature, which makes typecasting Hugh Jackman, a man that’s been dubbed “The Nicest Man in Hollywood,” a bit confusing. Even more confounding, though, is that Jackman seems to fit the role so well. His coworkers often consider him one of the nicest people to work with, a trait that his fans definitely do benefit from. The actor is known for taking time after live performances to mingle with the audience rather than duck into a tinted vehicle and drive away. Surf the internet, and you’ll find many instances of him stopping for photos and selfies and making dreams come true, such as with 9-year-old Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Domenic who met the actor, his greatest hero, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Hugh Jackman - Celebrities Hangout

6. Ed Sheeran – Singer / Songwriter (Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom)

Think you know everything there is to know about Ed Sheeran? Well, let’s pretend, for a moment, that you do, so we can surprise you with this anecdote: The vocalist is incredibly nice to his fans! We’re talking more than just appropriately pleasant to them, too. The red-haired singer, who proves that redheads do have a soul, helped a gent propose to his girlfriend by giving them front-row tickets and congratulated them mid-show, stopped to partake in a duet with a 13-year-old girl performing a charity concert in a Canadian mall, and even sent a personal message to a newlywed couple after he heard the groom only had weeks to live. He’s a genuine gent who has a continued reputation for being kindhearted and extremely appreciative of his fans.

Ed Sheeran - Celebrities Hangout

5. Ellen DeGeneres – Actress (Louisiana, United States)

During her talk show segments, Ellen clearly has an appreciation for her audience. But, what you don’t necessarily see is the gratitude. She has for the fans that stuck with her from her early comedy days. While she’s always giving something away via The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s not always about the gifts that give her that authentic adoring nature people love. Ellen has connected her fans with their greatest loves, such as 3-year-old Mia with Adam Levine. He is always willing to give random people something to remember. When she instructed Dennis Quaid to have a little fun in a Starbucks. She has been involved in countless charitable efforts, such as shortly after Hurricane Sandy. During award ceremonies, she’s never hesitant to get close to fans to snap a selfie or two.

Ellen DeGeneres - Celebrities Hangout

4. Chris Pratt – Actor (Minnesota, United States)

Pratt rose to fame as the dimwitted, lovable Andy on Parks and Recreation. His incredibly friendly personality on the show seemed to come naturally to him and considering his real-life disposition. It makes perfect sense why. On more than one occasion. the Guardians of the Galaxy star has surprised fans, like when he photobombed super bowl photos with Chris Evans. During a screening of the James Gunn-directed film, Pratt surprised viewers. Which consisted of around 250 children and their families, sticking around for autographs and selfies. The Lake Stevens Boys & Girls Club in Lake Stevens, Washington even had an unexpected Pratty run-in. After building their own rocket ship, the youthful group received a video transmission from Star-Lord himself.

Chris Pratt - Celebrities Hangout

3. Bill Murray – Actor (Illinois, United States)

While the former Saturday Night Live actor has a knack for being quite curmudgeonly, as Ghostbuster fans may know. Murray has been known to do things for his fans that many celebrities wouldn’t even consider. The actor has been known to crash bachelor parties to deliver sage love advice. He finds his way into engagement photo shoots and birthday parties he isn’t invited to, and engages in karaoke with people he’s never met. Murray isn’t a fan of autographs, stating he finds them to be “too impersonal” and would rather do something more memorable – like the time he filmed a slow-mo walk for a friend of someone he was working with.

Bill Murray - Celebrities Hangout

2. Jeff Goldblum – Actor (Pennsylvania, United States)

Despite being reportedly killed after falling off a New Zealand cliff in 2009. The perky Goldblum is still alive and well, thankfully. The lanky, eccentric Jurassic Park actor has a character about him that is impossible not to fall in love with and it’s made even more alluring by how he treats his fan base. How fun-loving is the 6′ 4″ actor? After his death was proven a hoax, the perpetrator of the rumor, Richard Wilkins, apologized to Goldblum. Who responded with unexpected, sincere lighthearted humor. Goldblum, who is also a great lover of jazz, is frequently seen jazzing it up almost every week in Los Angeles, spending his time afterwards mingling with fans.

Jeff Goldblum - Celebrities Hangout

1. Tom Hanks – Actor (California, United States)

Seems like there’s a bit of a battle for the title of “Nicest Guy in Hollywood” between Hanks and Hugh Jackman. But Hanks may pull ahead just for being in the game a little longer. One unforgettable instance of Hanks’ love for his fans came about in 2012. When images surfaced of him pictured with a drunken fan. While it was posed as a real scenario. It was later revealed that Hanks was obliging a fan who wanted to create the ridiculous scenario of being passed-out drunk in thepresence of the revered actor. In 2013, Hanks made super-fan Sarah Moretti’s day by sitting with her after performing inthe. Broadway show Lucky Guy and going through a scrapbook Moretti had created of the actor over many years. On many, many occasions, Hanks has taken the time to pose with fans, always with a joyous smile on his face.

Tom Hanks - Celebrities Hangout

Do you want, your favorite celebrities hangout with you.  These 10 celebrities are known for more than friendly to their beloved fans.

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