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Top 10 Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump And Obama – Terrifyingly Exact Video

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If you are still wondering what really Mr. Donald J. Trump said to Mr. Barack Obama at the Inauguration day ?

And what was in that Tiffany gift box, which offer by the Melania Trump to Michelle Obama ?

Yes, we don’t know about all these talking and gift yet. Because voice sound of those chats hasn’t covered by any of the news  media, except silent video recordings of that event !

And that’s where Bad Lip Reading comes into play. It’s a YouTube channel, they make funny videos by putting words into other people mouth.

This time they absolutely nailed it with their terrifyingly exact voice cover guesses of Inauguration day videos.

You will see some hilarious funny scenes like President Donald Trump backstabbing 48th Vice President of the United States Mike Pence and saying ” Just remember who brought you here” Mr. Trump also talking with Mr. Obama and saying to his face “Now I pretend I like you, but I hate you inside” you can call that conversation the fainest so far.

We have also listed first Republican Debate 2015 Bad Lip Reading which is also funny at it’s peak. You will find some really high profile politician including Donald trump talking funny words in this debate, The team bad leap reading have done awesome job on this debate as well.

Here is the Top 10 Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump And Obama :

01. Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration 2017

The actual inauguration hasn’t published yet, so if you are in mood of watching some funny video on Donald Trump and want to burst into an enormous belly laugh then you should watch these videos.

02. Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate 2015

You may think, the Republican Debate was very entertaining, but bad leap reading team added some extra flare to it with music and funny lines. Also debate moderator and special report host Bret Baier couldn’t help but laugh. He tweeted  “Thanks to our friends at @BadLipReading for this gem– has the office crying due to all of the laughs.

03. BLR Of  The First Democratic Debate 2015

How we not list Bad Lip Reading of the Democratic Debate when we are talking about Republican ! Here in this post you will also find the video of that debate as well.

o4. BLR Of  The First Presidential Debate 2016

Some 80 million Americans reportedly tuned in for the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Regardless of how you felt about it, you will likely enjoy the dubbed gibberish version put together this week by the “Bad Lip Reading” guys.

05. BLR Of  The Second Presidential Debate 2016

In the this Bad Lip Reading version of the second debate, the candidates engage in a poetry slam, reciting the usual silliness that comes with Bad Lip Reading. Trump has a poem about bird parts in ice cream; Hillary recites a poem about a brown bikini.

06. BLR of Barack Obama’s Inauguration 2013

Again all credits goes to Bad Lip Reading, for making a awesome remix of Obama’s second inauguration. Keep dong kick ass funny things.

07. BLR of the US Presidential Debates 2012

In classic Bad Lip Reading tradition, the two rivals speak complete gibberish to hilarious effect.

08. BLR Of The First  Presidential Debate 2012 (Eye Of The Sparrow)


09. Trick The Bridesmaid — BLR of Barack Obama


10. BLR Of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama And Hillary Clinton



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