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Top 10 Weird Things Inside Human Body You Will Get Shocked

Today we are going to discus about Top 10 weird things inside human body. You won’t believe what people actually had to go get removed from inside human body.

It’s true! The Human body is actually a very unthinkable thing here are the 10 facts about Brain food, Pea in the lung, Potato in vagina and more. Sometimes we’re able to manipulate the workings of our bodies or bend it in ways that push it to the limits. We’re able to isolate muscle groups to preform tricks and entertain ourselves and others. While some things take a lot of patience and practice others may come by it naturally.

Here is a list of Top 10 Weird Things Inside Human Body You Will Get Shocked :

10. Unborn Twin

Sanju Bhagat was 36-year-old and spent his life with a bulging belly. One day the bulge in his belly prevented him from breathing.  Bhagat was rushed to hospital to get what was assumed to be a tumor cut out of his belly. However, when doctors cut into Bhagat, instead of finding a tumor. They were shocked to see the mutated body of his unborn twin inside his stomach. The mutated parasite had limbs, hair, long fingernails, and even genitalia. It was attached to his blood supply through an umbilical cord structure and had been leeching off him since they were first in the womb together.

Inside Human Body

Source: ABC News

9. Brain Food

Rosemary Alvarez was sent to the emergency room after she started experiencing numbness in her arm and blurred vision. She was referred for a brain scan where neurosurgeons spotted what they believed to be a tumor in her brain stem. Alvarez was taken into surgery to have the tumor removed, but instead doctors were shocked to find a parasitic tapeworm wriggling in her brain. According to her doctors, the tapeworm could only have grown in Alvarez’ brain if she had eaten food contaminated with feces carrying the parasitic worm egg.

Inside Human Body

Source: ABC News

8. Growing

Toothache 36-year-old man shocked a dentist when he visited a dental surgery complaining of a severe toothache. When the dentist extracted the decaying molar, they discovered that the cause of the man’s excruciating pain was a sprouting guava plant, which had been growing out of a cavity in the molar. The man’s teeth were so decayed that the dentist believed the seed was able to germinate freely, as he had no wisdom tooth in the opposing gum.

Inside Human Body

Source: News Direct

7. Pea in the lung

Ron Sveden in Massachusetts, USA, had been suffering from a shortness of breath for months. When one day he was rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung. Convinced that doctors would diagnose him with cancer, Sveden braced himself for the worst. While X-rays revealed that Sveden did indeed have a growth, he was slightly relieved to discover that instead of cancer, there appeared to be a pea plant growing in his lung. Doctors guessed that Sveden ate the initial pea, but it accidentally passed into his lung and grew into the 1.25cm plant.

Inside Human Body

Source: BBC

6. Dandelion Girl

Ranran was taken to hospital crying in pain, after spending months suffering from an apparent ear ache. After spotting something in the child’s ear, the mum tried and failed to get the object out. So, she took Ranran to hospital, where doctors discovered that a flowering dandelion was growing in the girl’s ear canal. Although only 2cm long, the flower had to be surgically removed, as it put the infant at risk of internal bleeding. It is thought that the warm, humid conditions of the girl’s ear canal gave the flowe the perfect conditions to flourish.

Inside Human Body

Source: Daily Mail

5. Guinea Worm Disease

In 2015, 22 people were infected with the Guinea Worm Disease. The victims became infected with the disease after drinking from water contaminated with the Guinea Worm Larvae. Once ingested, the larvae migrate into the intestines before growing into worms almost 1 meter long – at which point they are able to mate and reproduce. Approximately a year after infection, a painful blister forms as the worms attempt to burrow their way out of their host. The only way to treat victims is to slowly pull the worm out of the wound. This agonisingly slow process can take up to a month.

Inside Human Body

Source: Outbreak News Today

4. Hairball

An 18-year-old woman was referred to specialists when vomiting after every meal caused her to lose 18kg in just 5 months. During this period, the girl had developed a painful, swollen abdomen, which scans showed was filled with a large mass. During surgery, a camera lowered down her esophagus revealed that the large mass was actually a giant hairball filling the entire stomach, due to years of the woman eating her own hair. Thankfully the doctors were able to safely remove the mass of curly black hair that had
amassed in her body.

Inside Human Body

Source: CNN

3. Monster Tumor

Nicola Ellington and her unborn baby almost died when a ‘monster tumor’ in her chest. She began feeding off her pregnancy hormones. It was covered in hair and teeth and was thought to have been dormant in Ellington’s body since birth. However, when Ellington became pregnant, the tumor grew rapidly, and in just three months.  It had grown to the size of a watermelon. As the tumor grew, it crushed Ellington’s heart and lungs, cutting off the oxygen to her womb, eventually forcing surgeons to operate.

Inside Human Body

Source: Telegraph

2. Fir [fur] Man

When 28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin came through the hospital doors coughing up blood. He suffering with severe chest pains, doctors assumed he had cancer. Sidorkin was rushed to the operating theater for a biopsy. However, instead of finding a tumor, the surgeon investigating the biopsy reportedly found a fir tree sprouting in his lung, pressing against his capillaries. The tree began growing in the man’s lung after he accidentally inhaled a seed.

Inside Human Body

Source: Sky News

1. Potato in Vagina

Colombian woman was hospitalized with abdominal pains. The doctors were surprised to discover that the cause of her pain. It was a potato that had sprouted inside her vagina. She had put the potato up there as a form of contraception, as her mom told her the vegetable would prevent pregnancy. However, problems started when the spud sprouted roots and started to grow in her reproductive organs. Luckily the doctors managed to remove the potato and prevent any lasting damage.

Inside Human Body

Source: Metro

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