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Top 10 Super Expensive Hotel Suites In The World

From New York to Dubai France to Switzerland, today we look at the top most expensive hotel Suite in the world.

Most of these most expensive hotel suites hosted the likes of renown persons around the world. All the listed hotels have a huge living space.  You’ll find your own billiard room jacuzzi Steinway grand piano and one of the very few limited edition books. Gigantic TVs banging with the surround sound.

These suites come with its own security team and extensive security system. Most of them is bulletproof, it has armored doors and a human-sized safe it’s guarded by surveillance cameras 24/7 and has magnetic sensors that can detect any intrusion.

10. Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues – $13,400

Starting off our list at number ten is the Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues in Geneva Switzerland. One night at the Royal Suite will only suck a bank a near thirteen thousand four hundred dollars built to resemble Versailles this French suite features marble floors and high ceilings and also features breathtaking views of Lake Geneva.

Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues - Expensive Hotel

09. Burj Al Aarab – $22,900

Coming in at number nine is the royal suite at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. For twenty-two thousand nine hundred and night, we’ll get your own personal in sweet elevator private dining room, large dressing rooms and the world’s largest brigade of Butler’s available 24 hours a day at your back and call. Each of the two master bedrooms has a full-size jacuzzi and five separate rain head showers.

Oh and don’t forget your 24 karat gold plated iPadd for use throughout your stay and for the ultimate sleep experience you’ll have a selection of different types of pillows, Egyptian cotton linen and an altar Deluxe super king bed personalized to suit your specific posture preferences.

Burj Al Aarab - Expensive Hotel

08. The Connaught Hotel – $23,500

Number eight on our list is the apartment of the Connaught hotel in London England. With an average overnight price of twenty-three thousand five hundred dollars this is one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world.

Created by renowned interior designer David talents. The apartment features a breathtaking panoramic view of surrounding Mayfair. Complete with hand carved doors and specially commissioned fine works of art.

The apartment has no detail overlooked. If you ever happened to board your own private concierge will show you about the town or just kick back and read from the apartments selection of limited edition books.

The Connaught Hotel - Expensive Hotel

07. Ritz  Carlton Tokyo – $25,000

Number  7 on our list is the Ritz  Carlton Tokyo in Tokyo Japan. This famous suit designed by Frank Nicholson is all the way up on the 53rd floor. Featuring amazing views of Shinjuku skyline. This suite which costs twenty-five thousand dollars a night comes with a private than in dining room that seats 16 guests. And don’t forget the full marble bathrooms and rain for shower heads.

Ritz Carlton Tokyo - Expensive Hotel

06. Plaza Hotel New York – $30,000

Coming in at number six is New York’s famous Plaza Hotel. Best known for its appearance in the movie home alone 2 lost in New York. This thirty thousand dollar night sweet has three bedrooms three bathrooms and prize use of downtown Manhattan its furnishings and decor are inspired by Louie The 15.

This Suite also features a grand piano dining room for up to 12 guests and your own private library. Just make sure to pay your bill or Tim curry is going to come after you.

Plaza Hotel New York - Expensive Hotel

05. St. Regis Abu Dhabi – $35,000

Continuing our countdown at number five is the st. Regis Island resort in Abu Dhabi. The royal suite at the st. Regis cost thirty-five thousand dollars a night and spans an amazing 22,600 square feet. It features your own private game drew a swimming pool and a private movie theater.

There’s also a dining room that can seat up to 12 people and the living room features a Steinway piano.

St. Regis Abu Dhabi - Expensive Hotel

04. The Hilltop Estate Fiji – $40,000

Number four is the hilltop estate owners accommodation at the Kuala island resort in Fiji. Before you fork over the forty thousand dollars per night bill.

The resort actually requires an application in order to stay. Yeah that’s right you actually need to be granted permission to give them forty thousand dollars a night. unlike a lot of the other hotels on our list, this is a resort so everything is included in the price. That includes drinks, food, horse riding and even massages at the spa. So fill out your application put your name on the list and you just might be able to stay at this most exclusive hotel.

Unlike a lot of the other hotels on our list. This is a resort so everything is included in the price that includes drinks, food, horse riding and even massages at the spa. So fill out your application put your name on the list and you just might be able to stay at his most exclusive villa.

The Hilltop Estate Fiji - Expensive Hotel

03. Sky Villa Las Vegas – $40,000

At number three on our list is the sky villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. This incredible suite features over 9,000 square feet of living space. Amenities include a 12 person class and close jacuzzi overlooking the entire Vegas Strip. A massage room a fitness room a dry and wets on 24-hour butler service. A private terrace and your own private glass elevator.

Total cost per night over forty thousand dollars. But if you want to throw yourself the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party the sky fell at the Palms Casino Resort is for you. .

Sky Villa Las Vegas - Expensive Hotel

02. Raj Palace India – $60,000

Number two the Shahi Mahal suite of the Raj palace hotel Jaipur India. Cost sixty thousand dollars a night having the newly renovated it boasts. An amazing 24,000 square foot landscape terrace card and a three-sided infinity pool.

It has six bedrooms a dining room a private theater. Your own kitchen staff and a huge library and has hosted the likes of kings queens oil tycoons and sheets. Before you leave don’t forget to go on an elephant.

Raj Palace India - Expensive Hotel

01. Hotel President Geneva – $80,000

Number one the Royal penthouse suite at the hotel president in geneva Switzerland. Mind blowing eighty thousand dollars per night, guest can choose from one of 12 bedrooms each accommodated by its own bathroom. Featuring breathtaking views of Lake Geneva.

This suite has hosted the likes of bill Clinton Michael Jackson Rihanna Richard Branson and Bill Gates. Inside this 18,000 square foot villa. You’ll find your own billiard room jacuzzi Steinway grand piano. And one of the very few limited edition 103 inch banging all of some flat screen TVs with the surround sound.

Of course feel free to host a meeting in your own private royal board. Exercise in your private fitness center and don’t forget if you need to go anywhere…

Hotel-President-Geneva - Expensive Hotel

Oh yeah! you’ll get a limo waiting for you anytime you want to go head downstairs on your private elevator or lounge in your own private 1,600 square foot terrace, which includes a telescope. So you can look at Lake Geneva and mod block.

There are luxury suites and then there’s beyond luxury. The Royal penthouse suite in geneva Switzerland is our number one most expensive hotel room in the world.

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