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Best Beard Trimmer For Men 2017 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Here is the brutal truth about electric beard trimmer:

There's is not a electric shaver or trimmer brand that everybody can use with ease.

Why is that?

Because , one electric trimmer doesn't suits everybody's skin type. Period

Best Beard Trimmer

We have brought and experimented with 17 market's top electric trimmers and shavers.

You might be wondering, how were those in terms of performance..?

..Well, Some amazing, some sucks..

We are going to insanely review those beard trimmers in a minute.

Before that you should know this:

We have only listed electric beard trimmers that are solidly constructed and delivers top notch performance and most importantly worth your money.

Go trough all of them then pick the most comfortable one for you, based on your skin type and needs.

These 10 electric beard trimmers are simply the best on the market in 2017

What separates these bad boys from others? These electric shavers allows you to get an incredibly close and comfortable shave. Some of these has an integrated Clean System that makes shaving a pleasure, not a chore.

Shaver NameWeightRun TimeBlade Type Price
Braun Series 7 790cc 225 grams 45 minutes Foil Check
Panasonic ES LV81 K 200 grams 45 minutes Foil Check
Braun Series 9 200 grams 50 minutes Foil Check
Philips Norelco 3D 180 grams 60 minutes Rotary Check
Panasonic ES-LA93-K 200 grams 45 minutes Foil Check
Remington MB 200 200 grams 50 minutes Titanium Check
Braun M 90 200 grams 60 minutes Foil Check
Philips Norelco AT830 200 grams 50 minutes Rotary Check
Braun Series 3 200 grams 45 minutes Foil Check
AquaTouch AT940 200 grams 60 minutes TripleTrack Check

There is two types of electric trimmer..

Foil and Rotary: Foil electric trimmer comes with razor blades installed inside a protection foil. This type of trimmer gives you very close shave and also very good for sensitive skin.

On the other hand rotary shavers comes with up to five rotating heads that lift hair from your face before cutting it. These are extremely good at cling the curved face and neck area.

With that, let’s jump on to our top 10 best Electric shavers list.

#1. Braun Series 7 790cc - Mustache Trimmers Best Rated

The braun series 779 DCC is a awesome foil electric beard trimmer.

I've been using the this for the last several years. I am a big fan of it, but today we're going to do a thorough and fair review of this ineradicable trimmer .

So let's get started ..

Let's find out what you get inside the box of the braun series 7.

you're going to get these tools with braun series 7 :

  • You get the electric razor itself.
  • You get the Cleaning brush and Electrical cord.
  • One month supply of the Brawn cleaner and renew liquid.
  • Charging base and the cleaning station.
  • Set of instructions.

If you want to travel, you can use the electric cord directly with the shaver!

You can clean this razor manually so you don't always need to take the base with you if you're going to travel.

Clean and renew system: How to use Brawn cleaner and renew liquid in cost effective way

The cleaning system with the shaver is pretty awesome. I must say every time.

You're finished a shave, just put your shaver in the base. It's going to clean, sterilize and charge it and you're ready for your next shave.

Personally it's a feature that I am a big fan of, but of course it does come with a bit of an added expense. Within the box you're going to get one month supply of the brawn clean and renew liquid.

Of-course, it's going to run out. You can buy more renew packs and they go for about $5 dollars. You can buy these at bestbuy walgreens or you can shop for them online.

So, five dollars a month sixty dollars a year is a bit of an added expense. Personally for the luxury of having your shaver clean. I don't mind paying, but some people will say of course 60 bucks extra a year is a bit too expensive.

But here’s the kicker:

There are certain ways around this expense. I have found this technique works well..

 The first way is to just use the clean and renew system every other day. Instead of using cleaning liquid everyday do a manual clean once a day and run it through the system the other day. That's going to push $5 dollars for two months, $30 dollars a year not too big of an expense at all.

If you want it to be very thrifty, you can perhaps just run the cleaning system once a week and do a manual clean six days a week. The only thing is that once you put this liquid within the base after about eight weeks, whether you use it or not some of it is going to evaporate and you will be blue some of it.

What you can do is once you remove the cap, keep the cap back asap and store it outside of the base to save some of the liquid. Pour it through the system once a week.

The shaver in the base it also charger itself, so you can see a light at the top right, that's the battery indication light. It won't start cleaning until you press the start button. This will allow you to charge the shaver without running it through the cleaning system. It's always going to be recommended that you do clean the shaver after every time you use it.

Let's go over the design and some of the specs of the electric shaver

It has a nice high-tech design fits really well in the hand, not too big not too small. Bronze pulsonic technology is found within the head of the razor and it generates 10,000 micro vibrations per minute. This is going to allow you go to very close shave.

Want to know the best part?

This electric beard trimmer helps lift hairs off your face. Prevents tugging and pulling works really well.

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The head pivots back and forth so this is again good for shaving the contours of your face, around your neck and chin area . Also there's a locking mechanism so you can lock it in place so good for your neck and upper lip.

It does come with a pop-up trimmer and usually these aren't too favorable among reviews from a lot of people.

Just a quick point the Brawn 9595 is the same model and the Brawn 760 CC is very similar to this one. The only difference is this one has a quick clean feature and the battery displays a bit different.

however, this one does work well at trimming the sideburns or trimming down your mustache area on the bottom. You can see the display for the battery and the hygiene level. lastly there is a plus and minus button, which allows you to go from three settings.

It's usually recommended that you're going to want to use the most powerful setting. My recommendation is if you're new to electric shavers a very sensitive skin you might want to test it out on the lower settings.

If you've come from a rotary shaver or disposable razors it's usually recommended that you use these razors for about one to three weeks to get used to them. If you use it once and it's a bit irritating and you're going to have to find it out for a week to perhaps get used to it.

I think if it meets your budget if you want a high quality shaving unit with all the perks then I would definitely recommend the bronze 377 90cc.


  • Solid Build Quality
  • Gives super smooth finish
  • The 3D runs very quietly
  • The charge lasts a long time


  • The 3D feels the most plasticy.
  • Not very comfortable

#2. Panasonic ES LV81 K - 5 Bladed Electric Shaver Review


Next up our list is Panasonic Arc-5. This foil shaver is the beast in terms of performance.

It cuts like a ninja with it's five blade technology, gives real quick and super smooth shave. This model from Panasonic shaver is also one of the most popular going around.

Wanna know why:

Because charging, cleaning and using the shaver is really straightforward. Just have it turned off and then plug it into the electric cord. Full charge should take around one hour and that will give you around 45 minutes worth of shaving time.

In this review we will discuss how it works how you set it up and what cleaning cartridge is it uses.

Let's see what you get inside the box of the arc 5:

  • The electric razor itself with a protective cap.
  • Little traveling case
  • Electrical cord for charging the shaver
  • Charging base and the cleaning station.
  • Instructions on how to clean it and general instructions.

Panasonic es L v8 1k will come with one month supply of the cleaning cartridges along with the cleaning and charging base. There hasn't been any improvements from the LA 93 k. Which was the previous model with four blades.

Tip for beginner:

When you're charging it for the first time or if you haven't used it for a while the lights might not light up right away. When it is fully charged It will turn off so you don't have to worry about overcharging. The shaver run off lithium-ion batteries, so every once in a while it's best to drain it fully and then fully recharge it.

This could be done maybe once a month cleaning these Panasonic shavers is straightforward. You can just rinse them under some running water. Gently remove the foil cap set it aside and hold the power on button for two seconds turn on turbo mode.


Just rinse that under some running water. You can also rinse off the oil cap as well same thing just rinse it under some running water and then shake away. Set it aside to dry once in a while. You'll also want to do a thorough clean with some liquid soap.

So you can put the foil cap on and apply some liquid soap directly to the foils and then turn on turbo mode and rinse it under some running water. That's good if you use it quite often you probably want to do that maybe once or twice a week. If you see any stubble on foil cap you can simply blow it or brush it away gently.

Five blades is the main feature of this particular unit and they're all designed to do something a bit different.

Whether it's cut longer hair or shorter stubble and that along with a pivoting head is designed to give you a very comfortable and smooth shave. On the back you can see that there are a few options called free block and then the trimmer setting. If you lock that into the locking setting that will lock the shaving head into place.

Panasonic ES LV81 infographic

Which makes it non pivoting and then if you put it back on to free you can see it pivots 360 degrees. Then if you push it all the way up that's where the pop-up trimmer is, which is good for trimming down a beer or lining out some sideburns. on the front of the shaver directly below the power button there's a locking switch so when you lock that in you can't turn the shaver on so that's good for traveling.

When you do turn the shaver on you can see it will tell you how long you use to pour and the remaining battery life. When you clean your shaver, which you should do after every time you use it, simply just pop off the foil. You can rinse the inner blades that foil pops up very easily. It's also very easy to put it back on as well.

Let's see how it looks and some of the benefit of five blades and how to properly handle..

The overall design is a typical Panasonic shaver design and the main feature of these shavers is of course the five blades.

If you have very thick facial hair and you're using a less powerful shaver you might have a tough time shaving your chin area.

It has lots of power and I can really feel it. If you want the most advanced shaver out there and you're willing to spend the money then won't be disappointed with this model.

If you want to do a wet shave just set up the shave like you would normally do with a disposable blade. Wash your face with some nice warm water. Then rub in some shaving cream shaving gel or some shaving soap. Every once in a while you're just going to want to rinse the electric shaver under some running water.

Okay, so just some final thoughts on Panasonic's five-bladed shaver does deliver an excellent shave and that is something you should expect from these models. they are the most advanced panasonic shavers and the most expensive shavers on the market right now.

Personally I prefer dry shaves a bit more. I find wet shaves are a bit messy with electric shavers. If you're interested in washing your face before you shave, and using maybe your favorite shaving cream or shaving gel especially if you have sensitive skin then these Panasonic shavers are definitely the models you'll want to choose.


  • Fits everyone's shaving style
  • Work with the built-in edge trimmer
  • It can be used in the shower
  • The charge lasts for a long time


  • 5 blade system is a marketing gimmick
  • The head is far too big
  • To expensive to maintain

#3. Braun Series 9 - Best electric shaver for men 2017


Braun's most advanced shaver with ‘SyncroSonic Technology’ is my no. 1 choice in 2017.

New Series 9 shaver comes with 4 specialized cutting elements.

For a most efficient and comfortable shave ever. The new HyperLift & Cut trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs. The Direct & Cut trimmer aligns and cuts hairs growing in different directions.

what you get inside the box of Series 9:

  • You are gonna get the electric razor itself
  • You get the Cleaning brush and Electrical cord
  • One month supply of the Brawn cleaner and renew liquid
  • Charging base and the cleaning station.
  • Set of instructions.

The unique “OptiFoil “captures stubborn hairs and even the shortest stubbles. The synergy of four perfectly synchronized cutting elements amplified by Sonic Technology delivers 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute to capture different types of facial hair.

A man's face a canvas for expression, expression of confidence expression of self. Unlike a canvas, a man's face is not flat nor even. The Braun Series nine is designed for this unique landscape five specialized shading elements enhanced.

How to efficiently use Braun Series 9 shaver ?

When it's time for a shave, I want ultimate shaving performance and skin comfort. After powering up Braun shaver I hold it at a 90 degree angle to my face. The series 9 has a fully flexible shaving system, which adapts to every contour of my face.

Even problem areas , such as the chin, neck or jawline are easy to shave with it. The easy pop up long hair trimmer gives perfect precision on sideburns. I can groom with foam or gel or during a refreshing shower. That´s no problem with Braun Series 9.

It gives me ultimate performance and perfectly smooth skin. The best way to clean my shaver is with a Braun Clean&Charge station. Without one, you can clean with a brush or under hot running water.

And occasionally add a little oil to the cutting parts, I change the cutting system cassette about every 18 months. And change the Cleaning Center refill about once a month. Or when the level indicator blinks red. To maintain 100% of it's shavers performance.

With a new titanium coated trimmer and meticulously synchronized adapting to the finest contours riding over your skin with ease one stroke a pristine result confidence on a gentleman's face series 9 the world's most efficient and comfortable shaver. yes it is.

This shaver is best used dry. There is another in the series (9095 I believe) that is the wet/dry version.


  • Comfortable, well made shaver
  • Gives super smooth finish in no time
  • It is significantly less noisy
  • The charge lasts for a long time


  • The series 9 is big and heavy
  • Can’t be used with the cord plugged in

#4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D - Best Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

The philips norelco sensotouch 3d shaver this particular model. This review is going to be applicable to all the different sense of touch 3d shavers.

All the models are quite similar just a few differences with display screen and the jet clean system.

let's review what you get inside the box with the philips norelco sensotouch 3d shaver and my particular model is the 1250 xcc. Inside box you get the electric razor itself.

Let's see what you get inside the box:

  • Trimmer it self with a safety cap small cleaning brush.
  • One month supply of the jet clean solution.
  • You will have a traveling case.
  • Charging base and the cleaning station
  • You got the electrical cord
  • You'll get a charging stand as well
  • Set of instructions.

The battery display some of them will have digital battery battery display. The finish will be instead of plastic in the 1250 that 60 80 and 90 will either have a chrome finish or a full metal finish.

The Jet clean system: How to use it?

Main difference is going to be whether one comes with a jet clean system or not. Because this shaver can be fully cleaned manually under running water so the jet clean system is not completely necessary.

Charging the shaver can be done with the charging stand or the cleaning base itself. Unfortunately you can't take the electrical cord and plug it right into the razor. If you are traveling you will have to take the charging stand with you.

You'll have a digital display for the battery life.

It will tell you how many minutes are left as well as a full charge. With 1250 should last 50 minutes where the full charge. With the 1280 in the 1290 should last you 60 minutes. Just a small minor difference there with the battery.

You're going to get one month supply of the jet clean solution. So if you use it everyday it should last you about a month. But with the sense of touch 3d shape is waterproof. You can easily clean them manually under running water. So, getting this to last two months or even longer should not be a problem.

I found that with most shavers, if you don't use it every day I use a manual clean once in a while. Perhaps you don't even shave every day one month supply can certainly last easily two months.

Renewing these is going to cost you about $15 retail price for a pack of three sometimes they're a bit more expensive. So it's roughly about five dollars a month but you can easily push that down to less than that.

It's going to automatically charge and start the cleaning process you're just going to press the power on button this 1250 XTC has one cleaning setting. Where the 1280 X CC will have three cleaning settings and the shaver will stop charging when it's being cleaned. And will continue charging after its cleaned.

If the cleaning liquid is running low then there will be an empty light. That lights up and that's when you're going to have to just remove the canister, refill it up and start the cycle again.

Best part:

Manually cleaning the shaver is very easy to do. Just run the shaving head under some hot water for about 30 seconds to a minute and do it when it's off and don't worry about getting it to wet. It is pretty waterproof.

You're good to go just wanted to give you an up-close look of the shaver and quickly review:

It fits really nice in the hand and it is quite quiet compared to some of the other models and has a precision trimmer on the left.

Which pops out which is good for your sideburns and of course it is waterproof. I would have to say, I had a better shaving experience using this central touch 3d shaver.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

If you're really into wet shaving you're going to use the shaver in the shower or with shaving cream then this particular model could be a good match for you. But if you're going to use it for dry shaving then just based on my personal experience some of the other brands that are in the same price category like the braun series 7 or some of the panasonic high-end shavers.

Jet clean system I liked it a lot thought it was a great cleaning system easy to use easy to set up and over all did a great job. But of course it is an option that you can go without these shavers are fully waterproof so you can manually clean them easily under running water.

So if you do want to save some money then you don't need to get the cleaning system. Personally I like cleaning system of the electric shavers.

I think it's a bit of a luxury item and and I like kind of using. If you don't have to necessarily use it every day.

You can certainly make it one month supply of the cleaning liquid lasts at least two months so that's five dollars a month. Depending on where you get it and how often you use it.

You could certainly cut that cost down you don't always have to use it so just something to consider you do want to save some money. Then go without the cleaning system in terms of my shaving experience.

I did experience a good shave with this using it wet. Using it with some shaving cream and some hot water. Overall I did have a good shave.

What about Dry shave?

I did not have an excellent shave with this particular model. Based on my personal experience with some other shavers are in the same price range, I would recommend something else like the Braun Series seven or some of the higher panasonic models.

If you're really into wet shaving then this particular model could be a good match for you. And if you've always used Naraku shavers rotary shavers then it could be a good fit for you


  • Very good electric shaver
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • It can be used in the shower
  • Battery lasts enough


  • The price is high
  • Doesn't cut sideburns very well

#5. Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 - Men's 4-Blade Cordless Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LA93-K

I must say Arc4 is one of the better for electric shavers on the market.

But, This model is very similar to the Panasonic ES LA 63 S.

Best part?

We will try and do a fair and thorough review here. One other thing to note is that when this shaver first came out on the market at a very high retail price of three hundred and ninety-nine dollars but that has dropped significantly almost by half lately.

This review very applicable to anybody who's in the market for a top-end foil electric shaver.

let's check what we get inside the box of the Panasonic ES-LA93-K. I'm going to start off with the electric razor itself. It's going to come with a safety cap. You will get a set of instructions sort of manual it's on how to clean the shaver manually etc.

This is what you get with Arc- 4:

You get a nice traveling case, an electrical cord which you can plug directly into the shaver. You get a water jug (which I will talk about in a minute) which goes into the back of the cleaning base and the charging base. Also you are gonna get one panasonic cleaning cartridge.

It fits well in the hand. Shaving head is a bit larger than some of the previous models and some other shavers. I bet that's going to be good for covering more area on your face. Which may lead to less strokes and less irritation for some people.

You will see that when you turn the shaver on you get a standard noise level. This trimmer will display the battery life you've got, there is also a lock-in button, when you lock that in you can't turn the shaver on.

That's good for if you're traveling you don't want your shaver to lose all its battery life in your luggage. Another improvement from previous models is that the motor is a bit more powerful, it's 14,000 revolutions per minute.

Now as opposed to 13,000 not a huge improvement there but it's slightly more powerful motor. And the other improvement is within the shaving head, I did mention it is bigger and now it does pivot side to side and back and forth.


It is a 360-degree pivoting head and the other improvement that I noticed is that the foil cap can be removed very easily, it comes in handy while shaving and cleaning this shaver manually.

It has a standard pop-up trimmer on the back, that's good for shaving your sideburns or trimming down your beard. Shaving head does not pivot anymore so that's good for shaving your upper lip or chin area. Overall a nice sleek design.

Some improvements from previous models, shaving cut is bigger it's 360 degree now. It pivots well on the contours of your face and the motor is slightly more powerful.

Setting up the cleaning station is really easy, you can directly charge the shaver with the electric cord. If you're going to travel you're not going to want to take the cleaning and charging base around with you.

Using the cleaning base is very straightforward simply insert the electric shaver and it will start cleaning and charging automatically. There's a status light on the left of the shaver and that will blink when the Panasonic cleaning cartridge is not installed. It will glow when the Panasonic cleaning cartridge is installed and needs to be replaced.

Straightforward but essentially the exact same cleaning base as some of the previous models like the Panasonic sh 249. It will and should take about 60 minutes to fully charge the shaver.

You can use this electric beard shaver in the shower or more commonly can just use it over the sink.

It is a bit messier with the wet shave but it is nice when you're rinsing the razor off with nice hot water. Overall it's probably a little bit more of an enjoyable process.

Just some final thoughts on the Panasonic ES-LA93-K

Firstly the cleaning station it isn't a huge improvement from previous models and it's not really the best cleaning station on the market.

You might want to consider just getting the Panasonic es la 63-s electric razor in silver or grey as an alternative. ES-LA93-K shaver comes without the cleaning station and that would have been a recommendation.

Multi - flex head

I would strongly suggest if these shavers were still sold at their retail prices because the price difference is quite large.

There have been improvements in this model over previous ones. The shaving head is a bit bigger and it does pivot 360 degrees. The motor is a bit more powerful. The most important thing is that it leads to really good shave.

Shaving preserver performs really well whether you're shaving dry or shaving wet. You get a nice smooth shave with the grain and against the grain really really nice and smooth especially when you go over certain areas a few times.

It's recommended the wet shave is good, I don't personally like to do it. but, if it's something that you're interested in then the Panasonic shavers are certainly the models that you're going to want to choose.


  • Good electric shaver
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • It can be used in the shower
  • Battery is good enough
  • Sensitive skin friendly


  • Problematic cleaning base.
  • Cartridges are expensive

#6. Remington MB 200 - Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

It is a cheaper Beard trimmer. It only reached out to around thirty dollars.

I have tested it with 2 weeks of beard and I have to say for certain areas of beard trimming, it did a pretty good job. Even for body trimming as well.

These things comes inside the box of MB 200:

Inside you get the Remington MB 200 Trimmer itself a set of instructions, a cleaning brush and of course the electrical cord as well.

It's a good size tremor fits well in the hand and actually when I looked at it online I was expecting it to be quite smaller than actually it is. But it is a good size a little bigger than I thought, but certainly nothing wrong with that.

It has a dial and that's the main features. This beard trimmer has nine lengths you can use it for a very long beard.

Remington MB 200 Trimmer is well built nicely designed and easy to use. If you want to use setting you simply just pull the cap off and you can trim down your beard as short as you want with this setting. Cleaning is very easy too. Just take the cleaning brush away shake away any stubble and you are good to go.

This trimmer nicely fits on face, overall good design. It has good nine lengths setting. Most people probably won't use that many but certainly if you have a very long beard you might be using the higher settings. Overall good design.

It does retail as I mentioned for about 30 dollars. It does kind of have that plasticky type of feel but as a budget shaver it's a good design. The beard trimmer does trim it down pretty close or you can shave it with disposable blades.

Some final thoughts on the Remington MB beard trimmer, as a budget trimmer i do recommend it. It works really well at completely removing down a beard and it does have nine lengths settings. You can use nine lengths settings to trim a beard to the length that you want it to.

Remington MB 200 has a rotary dial, which works very easily, changes the different length setting, it locks it into place and it's very easy to use. One thing I would mention is, it's not very powerful beard trimmer. If you do have a thick beard you know it will take it off but it won't give it that smooth finish.

So, anyone likes to grow their beard out every once in a while, then you can get it. As a budget shaver it works well, it does work well in trimming down the beard like I mentioned length settings works well.

If you want to trim body hair as well on your chest or your stomach area, it works really well with that too. I hope you get good results.


  • Standard trimmer with a slick design
  • You can clean everything
  • It can be used wet &dry


  • Feels plasticky
  •  Not a powerful trimmer

#7. Braun M 90 - beard trimmer bed bath and beyond


Braun M 90 is marketed as a mobile shaver or a traveling shaver.

It's pretty small in the hand and you can keep it in the office you can keep it in the car or you can take it somewhere on the weekend. It runs up to double batteries so there's an open and a close switch.

It's easy to use, just twist the cap, open the shape, open the base and you can slip the batteries in and barun advise that when you're not using the shaver, you remove these batteries. Why ? Because you don't wanna ruin your batteries.

If you only use this a couple times a month or once a week then you're probably going to want to take these batteries out.

For cleaning the shaver, you can turn it on and run it under warm water. You can apply some liquid soap.

When you're done you can actually remove the foil and let it dry. After that put the foil back on once it's dried. It also comes with a little cleaning brush at the base. You can take the cleaning brush out and brush away any stuff as well.

Don't brush onto the shade and foil, though you probably don't want to do that. So, that's basically it. it's a mobile shaver it's small keep in mind that. It only retails for about 25 dollars, so it is kind of a cheap electric shaver is certainly not a high end product.

I did not mention is if you're going to use the shaver often you re going to clean it with running water you know every day or quite a few times a week just going to want to apply some machine oil to the foil maybe once a week or once every two weeks just to keep it in good shape.

You will experience that the shaver struggle while shaving down facial hair. I've tested this shaver with one day worth of growth and it did perform better. But at the end of the day I personally would not use the shaver on a regular basis.

If you have thin hair that maybe grows in not too thick, just maybe on your upper lip area or your chin area you may be only shave once a week or just a couple of times a week you know it could be a good match for you. It didn't perform too badly near my sideburns and my upper lip.

So, at the end of the day my final recommendation would be that. If you have thick facial hair facial hair you have to shave every day or every other day I think you'll be disappointed with this shaver.

Remember it's only is a cheap electric razor, coming into this I wasn't expecting much and I'm not really surprised but for those that don't have thick facial hair it might be a good match for you. If you do choose to get it I hope you got good results.

If you only have small amounts of growth you only shave maybe once or twice a week and you could get away with using it just on your upper lip and chin area.


  • Very handy
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • It can be used in the shower


  • Problematic cleaning base.
  • Mediocre battery

#8. Philips Norelco AT830/41 - consumer reports best beard trimmer

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

The Phillip norelco is a nice electric shaver.

We'll go over some points but before that I want to talk about how it looks like and what you get when you actually buy it.

With that being said, lets jump into the meet of the review.​

This is What You will have with Philips Norelco:

Norelco has a nice comfort grip, you can grab it comfortably. It comes with a charger and a protective cap to keep it stored.

You get a brush to clean it like most shavers.

It has a power touch pivoting system at the top. Allows the head to pivot as you shave, in order to get closer to the different contours of your face instead of being rigid.

It kind of moves along to face it better to get it easy close shave. It's kind of nice on the face instead of being abrasive or hard. and making you have to do some different emulations the shaver.

It has a dual precision heads, which basically means that the heads hat kit has two different levels to it. For either short stubble or for long hairs. It will make it easier to trim or shave both to get a good comfortable shave.

One of the thing nice about this shaver is, it's a wet and dry shaver you can shave shave dry no big deal.

You can shave in the shower. It is water resistant, you can use shaving cream for a little more comfortable shave if you have sensitive skin.

You throw it in your car and shave on the way to work. So it's nice that it is both wet and dry on the face and it is water resistant another thing is it has the filter arcos patented superlift cut system.

Where it actually helps you get closer to your skin. It except the hair and cuts it instead of just leaving. This one is very nice product the Philip Morocco.

You get a nice pop up trimmer, sideburns is what I use it for, so that's nice. It's easy to clean you can clean out the excess hair you can clean the shavers themselves. You can buy replacement heads instead of replacing the whole thing.

You buy replacement head or replacement blades for the shaver. It's easy enough to do, it pops right out. It has a power system, you can charge it for an hour. You can do a quick charge over three minutes and it's enough for one shave.

It's a versatile machine and you can use it on the move like breeze, even you can touching up your beard just before business meeting. It gives a quick comfortable shave.

Another thing nice about this shavers is, these shavers are tend to loud and noisy but this one's quiet, still does a good job.

Within a few minutes you get a good shave. I would recommend the Philip norelco it's a nice shaver does the job. Handy light and it will work for you.


  • It's impressive quite
  • You can shave on the move and sensitive skin friendly 
  • Dry and wet
  • It has a quick charge option


  • Problematic cleaning base.
  • Mediocre battery

#9. Braun Series 3 - best battery powered beard trimmer


Braun series three models can be divided into three sub groups.

Those with a cleaning station those that you can use wet and then the dry option.

This review we will touch on some of the differences between certain features the review is going to be quite thorough, but we'll try and get through it as quick as we can.

With that said, lets see what's you get inside the box.

  • You get the razor itself.
  • Charging stand and electrical cord
  • You will get a cleaning brush and some machine oil
  • A protective cap and a set of instructions.

Charge should last around four hours, time subsequent charges will last around one hour. and you should drain the battery every once in a while.

You can charge the shaver with the charging stand or you can plug the cord directly into the razor. Razor will not work when the cord is plugged into it.

When the battery is full the green light will glow. When it needs to be charged it will flash red and when it's charging it will flash green. The shaver is very straightforward, you can clean it under running water or cleaning with the shaving brush. You can also apply some liquid soap, just turn it on and wash it under the tap. Once you're done just remove the oil cap and set it down to dry.

You might want to blow or shake away any large water drops. The other way to clean it would be to use the cleaning brush so you can brush away and he stubble gently. You can also just blow away any stubble as well now with the oil cap you want to just shake or gently tap it on the countertop, you don't want to directly brush the coils.

So lets talk about how this thing looks like:

It has a typical braun design, fits really well in the hands. A bit smaller than some other models in this price category. It has a kind of plastiky type of look but it actually feels really durable.

You'll also have the precision look feature but personally I don't think it's necessary. The shaver works well with just the floating foils and the cutter which move back and forth.

When you turn it on the green light will flash and when it is fully charged the green light will glow. There is a red light that will flash indicating that the battery life is running low you should be able to finish your shave and you'll just need to charge it when you're done.

On the back you got a pop up trimmer which is just a typical pop up trimmer, which is good for straightening out your sideburns. If you have a thick beard you probably don't want to try to remove it with that probably will take a long time.

So overall good design. It's a bit of a tough recommendation because all the shavers from this brand have the exact same shaving performance. So you're really going to have to decide if you want to pay a bit of extra money for some added features.

I enjoyed the Braun Series 3 quite a bit and shaving one day's worth of growth. I think it did a really good job. It's quite a comfortable shaver and has a good amount of power. You get a nice smooth finish and the process is quite enjoyable as well.

I think someone pointed a review on my way which said that this is the best electric shaver that the reviewers ever tried and I really questioned what other electric shavers they tested?

It's Obviously not as good as the braun 7 series or some more advanced panasonic shavers. It does do a pretty good job and if I were to use it all the time I would be satisfied with it.

I got good result with one day worth of growth, but with two and three days worth of growth ? That's really where it shows it's limitations a bit, with three days worth of growth ? I had to go over areas quite a few times it's much harder and I kind of got a bit of tugging and pulling sensation.

If you have facial hair which is thick, this might be something you should consider but I would caution you that you should be using it a bit more often. Maybe every day, if you only shave maybe two or three times a week is probably a really good fit for you. But if you have to get up every morning and shave, you might want to opt in for something a bit more advanced.

I shaved every day for a week with this and I am satisfied. Obviously there are some better models out there but for the price I think it's well worth it. If you don't have thick beard then I think you'll be quite satisfied with this braun 3 series.


  • You can use it wet and dry
  • Intelligent design
  • Dry and wet
  • Blades automatically adjusts your face shape also sensitive skin friendly 


  • Not "the best" for close shave

#10. Philips AquaTouch AT940 - best beard trimmers for men Review

Philips AT940/20 Pro

Before we get into the review of Philips AquaTouch. I want to uickly discuss some of the other models which are very similar to this one.

how to charge and clean the shaver. Figure out how it performs and then talk about some final thoughts and recommendations.

In this specific review we are looking at the the Aqua Touch AT 940 ..

Let's find out what's in the box of aquatouch:

  • It does come of course with the razor itself and a protective cap
  • It comes with a charging Stand and you can charge it directly with the electric cord as well.
  • You get a traveling pouch more of a shower pouch.
  • Also as always and a cleaning brush.
  • Comes with a set of instructions

Charging the shaver takes about one hour some of the other models actually take up to eight hours to fully charge the shaver. It has a quick charge feature. Within about three minutes you will get approximately five minutes of shaving time. That's good if you're on the go.

It's important to note that, you can't plug the electric cord into the shaver and operate. It has a pop up trimmer on the back and it does have some pivoting action. If you visit Phillips website you can check and compare the models and see which features they actually have.

Cleaning the Philips AquaTouch shaver is very easy.

You can pop up the lid and shake away any stubble. You can rinse it directly under running water. You can actually take out the blades as well and clean them individually if you want.

It does come with a cleaning brush which you can use as well. Operating and cleaning the shaver is pretty easy to do, fits pretty well in the hands and it's actually very quiet. But at the same time it does feel like it lacks a bit of power.

This is a rotary shaver. you can shave in a circular motion or you can just shave up and down or side to side shaving. You will have the best results of shaving against the grain.

I actually went a little bit shaving around my cheek and particularly in my lip area so the shaver did struggle quite a bit in producing a comfortable shave for me. Someone with thick beard might struggle at getting a very comfortable shave with this particular shaver.

It just doesn't deliver a nice smooth shave for me this is why it's very important to consider your type of facial hair when choosing a shaver.

What customer says about this Philips AquaTouch beard trimmer ?

There are lots of positive reviews on this model and probably many of them come from someone who has an average or a kind of medium beard but there are also lots of negative reviews. I would imagine those are from someone who sees all these positive reviews and then tries the shaver and has thick facial hair and really struggles.

You can do a wet shave with Philips AquaTouch. You want to prepare your beard just like you would with the typical razor blade shave, wash your face with some nice warm water and rub in some shaving cream or gel and then just shave.

In terms of shaving performance, I think if someone's always used a rotary shaver in the past they have maybe an average too low beard growth they might get good results with this particular model.

I would personally recommend the Braun Series three over this particular model, similar prices and I actually got much better results with the bronze series over this rotary shaver.


  • Shave even the shortest stubble
  • charge stays for a long time
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Wet and dry


  • No power level, Just a light


There are other beard trimmers out there. However, these are for popular models and they all offer something a little bit.

The philips norelco has the advantage in the clean up department with the vacuum feature which cleans up as you go.

Because of this feature the blades don’t protrude requiring you to actually shave up for the best results once you’re used to it. It shouldn’t be a problem and as a side note the vacuum feature does work, but it does not collect every single hair .

The Remington works good with edging and creating straight lines but it’s slightly less powerful.

Philips norelco has the cleanup feature which is a bonus but basically they all can perform this task pretty well.

The Arc-4 has power and sharpness, it does a really good job defining cheek lines and general outlines is really effective with this trimmer the Phillips Norelco comes up a bit short here because of the design of the blades blades don’t protrude make it difficult to create sharp straight cheek lines Remington is good in this section because of the large protruding blades.

Lastly the Braun series 7 really begins to shine in almost allover the face area. Because of the versatility of all the different features creating and styling facial hair is very effective with this beard trimmer.

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